Grilled Pizza

Now that summer is in full swing, one of my favorite ways to cook is to use the grill. As much as I love a good burger or brat (feed me a Chief Smokehouse beer brat any day), I really enjoy stepping outside the box a bit. Whether it's grilled quesadillas, grilled pineapple, grilled pound cake, grilled potatoes, pretty much anything tastes good on the grill.  


  When I saw a method that used grilling to prepare one of my favorite foods ever, pizza, I knew I had to give it a try. There are a couple of ways to grill pizza -  you can prepare the actual dough from scratch (a bit more complicated) or use a ready-made bread item to build your pizza base on. I chose the second option for my first time to grill pizza. You could use any sort of flatbread as the pizza dough base. I chose pita bread, but naan or lavash would work as well.   [caption id="attachment_2814" align="aligncenter" width="288"]IMG_4230 I found this soft pita bread right in the bread aisle.[/caption]   Simply load up your pitas with your favorite pizza toppings. It's fun because each person gets to pick & choose their favorite toppings. (No more having to agree on the same pizza!) I could see kids having a lot of fun with this.   [caption id="attachment_2809" align="aligncenter" width="512"]IMG_4205 My hubby went with the traditional cheese + sausage, where I did a supreme with cheese + sausage + onion + green pepper + mushroom.[/caption]   Once the pizzas are ready to go, just pop them on a grill preheated to medium-low. The key is to keep the heat pretty low... you don't want to torch the bottom of the crust.  


  It should take about 5-10 minutes; each grill is different, so make sure you keep a close eye on the pizzas while they're cooking. They're done when the bottom is crisp and the cheese is melted. Closing the lid of the grill also helps the cheese to melt a little quicker.  


  And that's it! Super simple. I'm thinking it would be really easy to create a dessert pizza, too. A little peanut butter spread on a pita, and topped with chocolate chips and marshmallows?? Yum!  



Grilled Pizza

  • pita bread rounds
  • pizza sauce
  • grated mozzarella cheese
  • favorite pizza toppings (pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc)
Method Preheat grill to medium-low heat. Prepare individual pizzas by spreading with sauce and topping with your favorite toppings. Place pita pizzas onto grill and cover. Grill 5-10 minutes, watching closely, until cheese is melted and bottoms of pita are crisp.

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