Big Chicken

Rotisserie Revival!

Want to know the secret behind our customer-favorite deli rotisserie chicken? Miller’s Amish Country Poultry. Miller’s Amish Country Poultry is dedicated to producing naturally grown poultry in an honest manner for consumers who appreciate healthful, great-tasting food. Chicks are raised on Amish family farms, are fed an all-vegetable, drug free diet and are hormone and antibiotic free. This is poultry we stand behind, and it’s the same superior poultry we sell in our meat case.

And how big exactly is our Rotisserie Big Chicken? The Rotisserie Big Chicken was introduced in October 2004 and is our #1 selling deli product! It’s so popular that we roast chickens, fresh, several times every day. When you put one of our seasoned or BBQ Rotisserie Big Chickens on the table everyone is satisfied!