Life Is Too Short Not to be Smokin’!

Where there’s smoke at Chief’s Celina store, there’s the ever-enticing aroma of beef, pork and poultry smoking to perfection. Breakfast sausage, dinner sausage, summer sausage, bacon, bratwurst and more, to be precise. Each and every one of our smokehouse products is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and offers outstanding taste and texture. None of that flavorless, overdone meat you may find elsewhere.

Our smokehouse products are handmade with hand-cut premium beef, pork and poultry five days a week in our state-certified smokehouse in Celina and are delivered fresh to each store within 24 hours of being made. In order to ensure quality and freshness, we produce our smokehouse products in small batches, and our superior smokehouse products contain no MSG. We’re somokin!’