Special Recipe Cookies

Fresh Ingredients,
Baked From Scratch

The idea for our Special Recipe Cookies came from Darlene Waldfogel in 1998. Darlene was the Bakery Manager at our Wauseon location at the time, and Darlene was passionate about cookies! One special day, Darlene took cookie matters into her own hands. Darlene created original recipes for Chocolate Chip, Monster, Peanut Butter and Sugar cookies, and after some research, planning and recipe revisions, the Special Recipe Cookies program was launched in all stores in 1998. Sales soared to over 31 million cookies in the first seven years, and new flavors—including Chocolate Brownie, Maple Walnut, Pumpkin and Snickerdoodle—were developed, each of which have been tremendously successful.

Our Special Recipe Cookies are made with the same ingredients and TLC you use when baking at home: fresh ingredients, mixed by hand, and baked from scratch!