Our Sushi

Sushi = Bite-Sized Bliss

Delicate, delicious, fresh and moist: these are just a few words that describe sushi. Sushi—a specific style of Japanese cuisine that combines vinegar seasoned rice with a variety of seafood and vegetables—delights the senses unlike any other fish or seafood. The word “sushi” actually means “vinegar rice.” “Su” is the Japanese word for vinegar and “Shi” is an abbreviation of the word “Meshi,” a colloquial name for cooked rice.

And contrary to popular belief, sushi is not all raw fish. In America there is a popular misconception that sushi equals raw fish. Although some sushi combinations use raw fish, there are many others that use an array of ingredients ranging from cooked fish to vegetables. What you add to it is your choice and is only limited by your imagination.

The art of sushi is one of discipline and ritual, and our dedicated in-house sushi chefs create fresh sushi daily, just for you. Enhance your menus and any occasion with our California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Crunchy Shrimp Roll, Edamame, Tiny Octopus Salad and more! Party platters available.